Petition To Ban Anime: Should it be banned?

Anime encourages young people to be lazy, unhealthy, unhygienic, social ineptitude, sexual perversion and pedophilia….Apparently. As someone who watches the stuff casually i can say no it does not. Some anime series can be very very bizarre! I tend to stay away from the weird stuff because it is not my thing. This is also a Japanese sub culture so if this moron believes that a petition will stop it being made well he is insane.

I do freely admit though some anime should be outlawed because of their topics. Whilst reading through i read about a few weird ones that revolve around incest and push dangerously towards pedophillia. I can’t stress enough when i say i READ about them i have NEVER watched them and don’t intend to. That stuff usually never finds it’s way in shops in country’s like UK/US/Canada etc etc. However the internet happened so it’s easy for people who want to watch that sort of stuff to access it. Some people think just because it’s hand drawn doesn’t mean it’s real. There was a case local to me were a man got sentenced for having LOADS of indecent images of anime characters doing….well you know.

At first i was not happy about it because you can’t really put an age on a hand drawn image. I have to admit how wrong i was to think that after a lot of reflection. In my view the images could depict the scary reality of pedophilia and rape of children/women. It’s not nice to think that those images are floating about on the internet but they are. Most ‘hentai’ images are legal but sometimes people like to push boundaries that should not be pushed.


Anime & Manga should not be banned in general but the ones depicting rape/pedophilia should be banned and destroyed. There is no way around it at all both are illegal acts and should not be shown in any form real or not.

Thanks for reading


Tiny Tank Takeover

Tiny Tank Takeover

Just another sunny day in LA… Or is it? RocketJump helps World of Tanks, the premier free-to-play combat simulator, celebrate its 3rd birthday with this outsized video featuring miniature RC tanks rolling out and taking to the streets of Los Angeles. It’s a time-lapse tilt-shift montage of WWII-era tanks from opposing forces plowing up the coast, over the freeways, and down the Hollywood Hills. Check out the video to see RocketJump go to battle in the middle of LA’s busy streets. Don’t forget to download World of Tanks’ latest 9.0 content update here .