A day in the life of a former ‘Gaming Addict’


Hello readers/friends/gamers,

I thought i would reintroduce myself and do a small bio of my life in gaming.

I was born in a small industrial town called Middlesbrough which is ‘world famous’ for it’s steelworks and stuff. I started gaming at the age of about 8-9, my first games console was a SEGA mega drive. I had hours of fun playing Sonic/Streets of Rage but not so much italia ’90. I have since played on most consoles that where around during my childhood. I think it was when the Playstation one first appeared that i started a lifelong commitment to gaming. Thanks to Resident Evil 2/GTA/Final Fantasy 7 i found an escape from the burdens of day to day life. That is probably something that a psychotherapist would say is ‘unhealthy’. Compared to drugs/gangs/alcohol i believe it’s the safest route to choose.

It hasn’t been all good though, there was a time i nearly lost touch of reality. I don’t mind mentioning this, it was when i was big on anime/gaming and i mean like 12-16 hour sessions. I would constantly imagine that i lived in a different reality and wished desperately for it to be real. It took me awhile to regain my sense of this reality, i have since become jaded(i joke). Gaming addiction is real and can be very harmful to people who are close to you. It was more potent with me since i have a long history of depression. The mix of the two was very bad to say the least. I managed to get through it thanks to a local charity and guy named John (there were 2 of them both with the same name). It was the hardest time of my life that’s for sure.

That aside, i have a new youtube channel which gets updated every other day. I’ve managed my addiction into a passion and placing some limitations on how long i play. I play around 3-6 hours a day which i hope you agree is much healthier. I hope to open a gaming shop online fairly soon and run yet another event. I used to run Saltburn Anime Con but i kinda ran out of steam and time running it. It was one of the biggest achievements for me but times change.

I hope you guys enjoyed the bio!



If you know anyone who suffers from gaming addiction, I highly recommend you get/give them help.